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Top 6 Spots for Food & Drink in Sevilla

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My birthday present from Mathieu finally arrived! The day when we would hop on Ryainair from Bordeaux to head to Sevilla, Spain. Four days, 30 tapas, and 8 pitchers of sangria later, it became one of my new favorite cities in Europe. After several restaurants and bars I knocked it down to the 6 best in town.

1. La Sacristía
Restaurants in Sevilla
We were so sad to have discovered this last because it was by far the BEST overall. It is delicious, affordable, and there are SO many good tapas. Not even 1 out of the 7 we ordered was anything less than awesome. Even a simple ham and cheese sandwich was a piece of heaven. Their sangria is cheap and delicious too (after 2 pitchers we were done for).

2. New York Terazza
Such a mellow, vacation kinda spot. They make fresh fruit cocktails, it's right on the river, the music is great, and they even have lounge chairs for you to bask under the Spanish sun. Mathieu and I are sold once we find a place with a good mojito, let alone a fresh strawberry daiquiri. 

3. Boca A Boca
Easily the cheapest place for the most food. The fried eggplant and brie with marmalade were great tapas for 2.50 euros. However, the media racion (aka half portion.. which turned out to be huge) of fried eggs and potatoes were orgasmic. 

4. La Hosteria del Laurel
Like I said we had a solid 8 pitchers (or more) of sangria while were were in Sevilla. Although La Hosteria del Laurel is a bit more pricey, they have the best sangria in town. We had to go back twice, and not just for the drinks but for the tapas too. Our favorites: garlic chicken, chorizo al vino blanco, and tortilla.

5. La Carboneria
Dance in Sevilla, Spain
If you're in Sevilla you have to see a flamenco show or else you haven't experienced their culture to the fullest. Here, you can (but don't have to) get an 8 euro pitcher of sangria, and an authentic flamenco dance to go with it. There's no cover and it's around 2 1/2 hours. The gypsy singing was a bit much for me, but the dancing was one of the coolest things I witnessed in Sevilla.

6. Levies
Tortilla and Paella! The two things you must eat in Sevilla, and they're both here. I'll be honest the service sucked, but there was one girl for about 20 tables. At the end of the day though, it was great. Warning: don't order the tex mex. When in Spain eat Spanish food, not Mexican. 

Have fun :) and don't forget to get a sangria, or two, or three or twenty.
...and more importantly a sangria at La Hosteria del Laurel!

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