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Château de Chenonceau, My Favorite Castle in the World

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I worship the ground that this Château de Chenonceau was built on. It is, by far, in all of France, my favorite favorite favorite castle ever. I've even done my research if I can get married here one day. So far it's a go, now I just need the ring, the dress, and about 100k.

My visit was back during the Christmas season of 2012. They go ALL OUT decorating this place, it is stunning. Not only is it physically beautiful, but the history behind it kills me. I'll give you the 411.

First off, this is technically the 2nd Château de Chenonceau. The original was set on fire back in 1412 because the owner spoke against the government. So let's just skip over that history and go to the juicy stuff after it was rebuilt around 1515.
Bedroom of Diane de Poitiers
Here's where it gets really 16th century high school. Henry II built the castle for his mistress, Diane de Poitiers. She absolutely loved this place, building expensive additions, exquisite gardens, and a large, beautiful bridge. Being that she was the other woman, Henry's wife, Catherine de Medici was not a happy-camper, and waited out the day when she could get rid of her.
Study room of Catherine de Medici
Henry died in 1559 and Catherine physically kicked Diane out of there. Not only did she do so, she made it her new favorite castle. Karma will bite ya eh?
Bedroom of Louis de Lorraine
After she died her daughter-in-law Louis de Lorraine inherited it. This is her bedroom, by far the most depressing thing ever. She made it all black to mourn the death of her husband Henry III. Given the skulls all over her curtains, it was the creepiest room I've seen in any castle
The Gallery
The Gallery is my favorite and I will walk the aisle here one day. It's basically where all the royals got a load on and passed out on the floor. Potentially the end to my future wedding.
Dedication room to Louis XIV
Another gorgeous room is the one dedicated to Louis XIV, who really had nothing to do with the château, but his one time visit apparently won him a nice room.
Bedroom of Catherine de Medici
I personally think Diane's bedroom was pretty ugly. It was probably for the best that Catherine took over, because her taste was far better if I do say so myself.
The best part of anything that you will see here are the gardens. Unfortunately for me I visited during winter, but I've seen several photos during the summer and they are unbelievable. This is  the 2nd most visited château in France (1st being Versailles).
Chapel de Chenonceau
This chapel made it out alive during the revolution. Had it not been disguised as a store to sell wood, we might not have a Château de Chenonceau. Bravo, bravo. Well done.
The Kitchens
Also, during the World War II the kitchens were entirely occupied with people escaping Nazi territory. Not a bad place to stay after a horrendous journey.

If you have the opportunity to be in Val de Loire, and you don't visit this castle, I will check you into a crazy home myself. It is just awesome, there's no better word for it.

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