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Book A Wine Rendez-vous at Château Palmer

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I started off my first day as a 23-year-old tasting wine at Château Palmer...not too shabby if I do say so myself. It has been the one vineyard I have been head over heals for since day one in Bordeaux. Located in the Margaux appellation, and a classified as one of the Third Growths of wine here, it's some pretty fancy shmancy stuff.

This ungodly beautiful castle was designed by the famous Burguet and built between 1857-1860. I was SO upset that we couldn't go in it. According to our tour guide it's actually extremely dangerous and needs some good, hard renovation work. Only the bottom floor is used for business meetings and dinners. But what about my birthday?!
The wine is great, actually it's fantastic. We tried a 2008 Alter Ego de Palmer, and 2004 Grand Cru Château Palmer vintage.The Alto Ego is the lesser of the too, but quite frankly I'm more on the fruity-lovin' side so I would much rather pay the 90 euros for that over 200 euros for the other.
What was cute about the vineyard was the little village they created. There are around five families living on the property that work for Château Palmer. Everyone was on a first name, cheek kissing basis.
If you're into the whole organic scene you might like the fact that starting in 2014 the vineyard went entirely bio, aka chemical-free. They have an on-site oenologist (scientist who works with wine) testing out all of the possibilities. This window at the end is his laboratory.
The woman who gave us the tour was extremely attentive, nice, and to my advantage, bilingual. She was just beaming with info and was even willing to do a little photo-shoot of Mathieu and I in front of the château. It was a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other vineyard tours in which they force-feed you facts like a robot and send you on your way.
The visit was overall really great. Mat, whom knows Bordeaux wine like the back of his hand, gave it a total thumbs up. Get ready all you Floridians, because when this handsome wine merchant comes to Tampa, Château Palmer will be your new bff.

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