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French Markets are The Best Markets!

Sunday, March 02, 2014

I've become numb to this whole grey sky and rain thing in Bordeaux. Today however, there was sun shining through my window. I practically danced my way out of bed and got ready to meet up with Nicole. A perfect day to channel my inner French girl and expand my waistline at the Bordeaux markets.

There's something about nice weather and food shopping that just makes people happy. Fresh produce, some sunshine, and tons of homemade goods is such a breath of fresh air compared to moping around a Walmart under florescent lights.
Both Nicole and I were salivating over just about everything. So instead of a lame story about a market, I'm going to show you the market. You might hate me because it's absolutely certain you will run to the pantry to eat after this. May the odds be ever in your favor.
French Bread
Carbs, oh carbs, I love you carbs. No bread in the world compares to France, not even Italy. I think it's really why they eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The fish stand is so popular. They'll even chop the heads off and slice it up for ya. Not my cup of tea, but hey Bordeaux is a main port so if I actually liked fish I'm sure it would be good. 
French cheese
Both mine and Nicole's favorite: cheese. The vendor was not fond of my lack of purchase, yet will to take photos of her food. When in France right?
Bordeaux wine..or just a little bit of "cough medicine," as my Pop-pop use to call it. 
homemade jelly
And sweet Jesus the homemade jelly's here are incredible. I'm completely spoiled now because Smucker's or Welch's is never going to work for me anymore.
french cheese
More cheese....these ones were like the Picasso of cheese though, because this entire stand had the prettiest looking shapes of curdled milk there ever was.
Ok quick experiment for you. Go to the supermarket and buy some eggs. Now go buy eggs from a farm. Make them both separate and let me know if you'll ever buy them from the supermarket again.
Nicole and I both bought fresh squeezed juices too. They were fab, but even better was this pesto, goat cheese, and tomato crêpe she got. 
There are so many stands where you can buy full meals; kebabs, paella, pasta, you name it. Basically any type of international cuisine you can hope for is here, including Jamaican, in which the guys there are friggin' hilarious. Ya mon.
fresh produce
The fruits and veggies are so fresh and not full of pesticides either. It's a big thing I respect about this country is how concerned they are on good quality food. There's just no need for pre-chopped veggies swimming in a plastic bag of chemicals. 
You can pick up some pretty flowers here too. I'd really like a few for the apartment, hint, hint, Mat, hint hint ;)
Marché des Chartrons Bordeaux
Happy March everybody!

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