Who Doesn't Want a Surprise Birthday Party in France?

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm not sure what sort of atomic bomb has gone off in my head since I've arrived here but I have suddenly turned into a domestic goddess.  I've progressed from Easy Mac for one to planning four-course dinner parties for ten. I don't know who I am anymore.

Our apartment has managed to become the "apèro apartment," AKA the party place. Being that today is Nicole's 25th birthday I wanted to throw her a surprise fiesta here. I figured she'd be wishing she was home with her friends and family so I needed to make it special. 
I did the whole inviting shebang, and by inviting I mean creating a Facebook event. Since everyone was finally free I decided to have a "nice Saturday dinner," (at least that's what I wrote on FB). Nicole did not put together that the dinner (just one day before her birthday)...was for her birthday. Gotta love her. 
So for this party I was just the planner/baker/assistant. The real star of the show and domestic god was Chef Mathieu. He loves to cook, whereas me I just like an excuse to make sweets and have parties.
So here was Chef Mathieu's P.O.A. :
And here was mine:

Kerri (left) Nicole (center) Me (right)
After having Thanksgiving this was a piece of cake, literally. Not to mention Kerri came over and helped with whatever we needed. I think she might have regretted it after 30 balloons and a semi-collapsed lung. Love you Kerri :)

So what seemed like a lifetime later (because I am highly impatient) she arrived. Here's the reaction:
Nope, not a single clue. 

We then opened presents. The water polo girls made a ridiculous album of pictures in which Anne-Fleur screen shotted several embarrassing Snapchat photos. Not to mention many other pictures of us all together. There's actually been so many memories in such a short time. I can't believe I have just met them all in October, life is crazy.
Mathieu did such a good job of cooking. I actually inhaled it, and looked 5 months pregnant shortly after. It is going to be spandex for the next week due to last night.
Then we sang Happy Birthday--in Greek, French, Spanish, English, and Hungarian, all at the same time. It was such a Kodak moment.
Our classmate Jasmine couldn't come but she made these chocolate lava cakes. My waistline thanks her for them. Also, I dipped them in my cream cheese frosting....I'm so ashamed.
Several calories, bottles of wine, and laughs later, we ended the night at the pub. Not to toot my own horn but I'd say it was a pretty successful party so tooty-toot-toot. 
But it wouldn't of been anything without these girls, so thank you all! Happy Birthday Nicole :)

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