Top 15 Places to See in Bordeaux, France

Monday, October 20, 2014

I lived in Bordeaux for most of 2014 and it is truly the most gorgeous city I have ever witnessed. You will constantly be in awe but its beauty and how CLEAN it is. There is much to see in a small vicinity, several amazing restaurants, and of course wine bars! The following are the top attractions and photo ops you can find in the city.

1. Cathédral Saint-André
Climb to the Belfry tower to get this amazing view! If you have a student card it is free :)

2. Jardin Public
This is possibly the most beautiful park, along with its botanical gardens. Of course anywhere that is beautiful in France has a carousel to go with it.

3. Place de la Bourse
The most visited attraction in Bordeaux. During Spring and Summer months the Miroir D'eau (the first picture of the blog) runs throughout the day and makes for a beautiful picture and a great way to cool off.
4. Place Gambetta
A picturesque picnic area. Students, businessmen/women, and families come here to enjoy a bit of nature in the midst of a city and have some lunch.

5. Rue Saint Catherine
Every store you could imagine on a very long long street that is always flooded with people.

6. Place de la Comédie
Home of the most popular wine bar in Bordeaux, the Grande Theatre, and the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux...and of course the Apple Store. 

7. "Les Quais"
You can walk for miles along the Gironde River. Les Quais is always lively with runners, skateboarders, strollers, and tourists. It is a beautiful view!

8. Parc Bordelais
When I was a nanny I would take Soline here. It is a great spot for children; it has a zoo, several bike paths, and beautiful playgrounds.

9.  Cours de l'Intendance
If you have the funds for luxury shopping, this is your street. If you are like me on a student budget, you can always window shop or go and try things on just for the heck of it ;)

10. Caudéran
A gorgeous, residential neighborhood. There are several of the best patisseries, restaurants, and boulangeries here. It is right outside of the city center and the true Bordelais live here!
11. Marché des Quais/ Marché des Capucins
Both markets are filled with yummy, amazing, delicious French goodies. Marché des Quais is on Sundays from 7am-1pm along the river and Marché des Capucins is only closed on Mondays. This is authentic French food right here.

12. Bordeaux Lac
A nice breath of fresh air away from the city's chaos. Just hop on Tram C toward Bordeaux Lac, bring a blanket, and watch the sail boats go by. 

13. Place des Quinconces
There is ALWAYS an event going on in Place de Quinconces. From circus', to amusement rides, to antique markets. It is a great photo op!

14. Porte Cailhau
One of the first entrances to Bordeaux from the 19th century, it still stands beautifully today. There are bars nearby where you can grab a drink and take in the scenery. 

15. Place de Parliament
This is the epitome of France! A quaint little plaza surrounded on all four corners by restaurants and life. My favorite restaurant is Chez Totto (they have ginormous desserts!).

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