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The Top 5 Best Spots in Rome, Italy

Thursday, March 13, 2014

In the four short months that I lived in Rome, I learned a lot, I ate a lot, and I partied well..quite a lot. It's a city that has my whole heart. Rome is every girl's European fantasy. It's the ultimate picture of Mediterranean lifestyle, from the accordions playing outside, to the lovers in the streets, to the smell of freshly rolled dough seeping from the windows, I literally, literally ate it all up.

My 5 favorite spots will suit any and all types of tourists who want to see more of Rome than the Colosseum: the foodie, the church-goer, the partier, and the intellectual. I, among anything, am a die-hard foodie. Rome's biggest gift to me was the new pair of jeans I had to put on after gaining a whopping 12 pounds.

1. Piazza Santa Maria
Rome, Italy
Although it is one of the oldest churches in Rome (dating back to the early 200's), I don't come here for religious purposes. This is the place I found myself nearly everyday after school. It's just such a quaint little area in the heart of Trastevere, where most people sit to eat some gelato or read. I, of course I did both. This is my #1 favorite spot on the entire planet. It's beautiful, peaceful, and to sit under the sun with my head against the fountain, well that was just pure bliss.

2. Reginè Roma
restaurants in Rome, Italy
If you come to Rome after reading this and you don't eat their pizza, you have missed out on God's gift to Earth. Call this an exaggeration if you will, but I KNOW my pizza. I've literally eaten my way around Europe, so you have my word. You can taste the dough, like really really let it melt in your mouth. God I'm actually drooling. Did I mention it's super cheap? http://www.regineroma.eu/

3. Scholars Lounge Irish Pub
pubs in Rome, Italy
Every college kid, traveler, and local will tell you that this is the pub. It's that one place no matter where you started your night, you will always end it here. You might not remember it, but you have a safe haven until 6am. Americans like me who want/need nachos, a good thick burger, and some American football come to Scholars. The staff is great, in fact I came back 2 years later and most of them are the same, and you know they'll pour a good pint. I've made better memories here than anywhere. scholarsloungerome.com

4. Basilica di Santa Maria in Ara coeli
Rome, Italy
If you can get your butt up the 'stairway to heaven,' then you have to visit. There is so much history that dates all the way back to 574. The interior artwork is unbelievable and ranges from Michelangelo to Donatello to other famous names. For whatever reason the tiny raised floor tombs (people were quite short back then) put me in a trance. You can see the shape of the person and it is so morbid and yet beautiful that I love it. Also, the chandelier you see here are mesmerizing, me and my OCD have counted over 40.

5. Giolitti
Italian Gelato in Rome
My greatest, most delicious demise. I don't recommend eating it twice a day, as I often found myself doing, but if you so happen to be there for a week and not 4 months then go for it. You can mix 3 flavors in a cone and top it off with their homemade whipped cream. My famous mix was biscotto oreo, lampone, and carmel. Don't be a rookie and remember to pay before you get in line, because it's pretty long and you will be kicking yourself when it's your turn. http://www.giolitti.it/en

There's my list. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep because I miss it even more now. That, or I'll eat because I'm officially starving.

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