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Château de la Rivière has La Classe

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I know there are some people in the world who say money isn't everything, but I'm almost positive that if you drop a box full of cash on their doorstep they'd gladly accept. I, for one, would like to receive the box that makes me wealthy enough to buy the ever-so-classy Château de la Rivière.

Some of the châteaux start to look the same after a while; however, this one honestly blew me away. It's beautiful, massive, classy, and powerful all at once. Kudos to you Grégoire family, you really know what you're doing. 
The three men (James, Cyrille, and Nicolas) own three separate vineyards, in three separate appellations. Rivière is located in Fronsac, and produces 5 different bottles of white and red wine. Sorry for riding your magnificently sculpted lions guys.
If you go during "Portes Ouvertes," like Mat, Nicole, and I did, you don't need to make an appointment to taste their wine. It's a time when several châteaux in certain appellations are open to the public for tastings. Note to have a designated driver (thanks Mat!)
What really caught my attention more than anything was the fact that it is a bed & breakfast. Not many of the well-known châteaux in this area offer that, however it has been renovated for this exact reason. You also get to lounge in this pool...with this view...God I want to live here.
For such an amazing place, the wine is "so-so," as Mathieu says. He's the wine merchant so I figured you'd want his opinion over mine. Regardless of how it tastes, you still need to see the property, because it really is unbelievable. 

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