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Fête le Chocolat in Bordeaux! My Cheap Way of Having Fun

Saturday, March 29, 2014

I'm your average 20 something on a student budget so any sort of fun that's free is my kind of fun. It's a good idea if your here in France to look out for festivals and tastings because #1 it's a cool cultural experience, and #2 well it's cheap. Bordeaux's Fête le Chocolat in Jardin Botanique is happening this weekend and I was NOT about to miss out on a chocolate tasting.

You get to see a glimpse of the chocolate world. There were workshops for kids, demonstrations, artwork, and degustations all in three small rooms. It was much smaller than I had expected, but it was free chocolate so I wasn't complaining ya know?
The artwork all revolved around aviation. I felt like I was in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and could take a bite out of everything around me. Unfortunately, that would would be rather frowned upon, eating someone's airplane.
Some of the vendors were extremely creative with their chocolate. This right here is lipstick. I'm not sure if you are really suppose to use it that way, but I know the second that would touch my lips, it would be the end of it.
A children's workshop was available, and it was so adorable. They were taught how to decorate the chocolate, and they got to take home their creation for Easter! I was loving their outfits, and they looked like they had a great time.
The live demonstration was also really interesting. You will be able to see how much effort the chocolatiers put into their work. The man was crafting a chocolate tree, yes, a chocolate tree. Easy eh? He was like the Jackie Chan of chocolate.
Although the whole point of this is for the vendors to sell their products, I didn't end up buying any of it. However, people were leaving with bags full of goodies. You get to vote for the best, all while donating money to charity for handicapped children (Yes of course I donated!)
Overall the Fête le Chocolat in Bordeaux is worth going to. It's yummy, it's free, and it's time to kill on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

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