Les Français Even Have Wine-Art Expos

Monday, February 24, 2014

Art expositions bore me to tears, but a wine exposition, now that's what I'm talking about. I can stare at a painting for forever and still not understand the meaning, yet I will always understand wine. You know why? Because wine understands me.

The exposition was held at arc en rêve centre d'architecture. As a previous advertising major I thought it was going to be la crème de la crème of wine ads. However, it turned out to be something very different. That's usually how artists work though eh?
It was by far the smallest exposition I've ever witnessed, especially in comparison to the SIGMA expo thats being held there (which by the way is the strangest thing I've seen in my life, but I'll save that for a later date). More than anything this was about making products for wine that are outside the box.

Cue the presentation of my top 7 favorite..in no exact order:
1. Wine boxes used for the back of a bike, nothing out of the ordinary in Bordeaux. However, if you click on the picture you'll see closer that they recycle them into a bookshelf, using corks to hold it together..interesting.
2. I call this one 'over my head.' My only assumption is they're explaining the process of wine through bottles of wine with pictures in them.
3. A modern day wine display, I dig it. When I have my vaulted ceilings in my future home I will highly consider this, as long as it's not me trying to put the bottles in there.
4. Recycling wine boxes into various games. Checkers might be a little hard after downing a bottle.
5. A highly classy take on spitting out your wine...but let's be real, I don't do that.
6. I deem these 'wine sombreros.' This artist really went all out trying to make corks-of-the-future

7. Giving the Pope a little more style, and putting a modern spin on all his religious wine toys.
Et voilà, there you have it. It's a project I would have loved to be assigned to in college. It was a really very small expo, yes, but it still struck a bit of inspiration in me again when it comes to wine.
I may not have gotten a better sense of how they advertise wine from this expo, however I did get the name of a professional label maker! I've already designed a bottle..so stay tuned, because I'm determined to have this one in the works :)

Here's the facebook page for more information. The expo is until March 2, 2014 https://www.facebook.com/events/1411670775746546/

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