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The Massive and Colorful Château de Biron

Saturday, February 22, 2014

The last three, THREE, times I went to Château de Biron it has been closed, so finally the time has come my friends. Kerri must be our good luck charm because we not only had sun (doesn't come often lately) but we were able to go take the tour. Can I get a hallelujah?

Today, Mathieu and I have taken Kerri's castle virginity. Aw I feel so proud! We took her here because it is by far one of the most physically impressive châteaux in the Dordogne region.
Although it's a 13th century medieval castle, it's not the same as the others in the area. The rest are very gothic-looking: grey stone, bulky, and not exactly photogenic. However, in much of this region their is a high count of iron in the soil, giving almost everything an orange-rustic look.
Now I get that I have extremely bad timing, because the winter is the time for construction, but this château was actually a little too much. I think we were able to see only 40% of Biron, but I won't get my panties in a bunch just yet because I know I'll come back one day when it's finished.
Almost all of the château was empty. They don't have any artifacts on display like many others so it was somewhat of a constant visit to empty bedrooms. This was one of the better ones just for the markings on the wall.
This I found really interesting, because it was considered a 'dungeon,' even though it was right there with the bedrooms. Basically the big hole in the wall (there was another on the other side) is for the canons. I wish they still had them for us to see.
We were required to put what looked like wash cloths under our feet. They don't want you to ruin the 18th century floors I assume. It was so fun, I finally got to live my dreams of being an ice skater.
Here's my very own Tom Cruise in Risky Business (with pants).
The very first family,Gontaut-Biron, who lived here would either be very proud or extremely livid. The state is doing quite the work on it, and seem to be trying their hardest to keep it functioning properly. However, parts of the castle are almost too modern and look nothing like before, other's they patched up to look authentic, and the rest of the castle is just broken down and off limits.
For example--this kitchen...almost untouched, and very authentic.
And yet this tower, almost unrecognizable. It made me somewhat sad because they really stripped it of its history, even adding several bathrooms.
Here's my photographer girl Kerri in all her glory. Being that I'm the writer, this girl's photos blow mine out of the water so check her blog this week for Château de Biron and also her visit of Lot-et-Garonne.

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