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Capri, Italy with Euroadventures

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I don't care if I'm with a French boy or not, I will get married in Capri. I've said this since I was 10 when I truly hadn't ever even seen a picture of it. I was kind of a weird kid, still am. In April of 2012 I traveled here with a company called Euroadventures, well-known for taking study abroaders on wild trips.

It rained, it poured, it thundered, it lightened, and it was the absolute best trip of my entire life. If it weren't for our tour guide Bruno (who was 70 years old at the time) I'm not sure it would have been quite the same. He's the most upbeat, athletic non-senior citizen looking man I've ever met. Our other tour guide Dave, who might be the most well-traveled 20 something I know, also made it fun taking us to all the pubs he knew and loved.
For horrible weather, I was still in awe by the town. The houses are narrow-colorful structures that reflect off the crystal blue sea. All of the colors combine just make for some great shots, even on a rainy day.
Did I mention you can see Mount Vesuvius?
What better to do in a rainstorm than dress like complete vegetables? Umbrellas weren't even up for discussion. I'm glad I have friends who are as crazy as me. We laughed every single time we looked at each other.
Bruno said "okay guys, it's raining so you know what we'll do? HIKE THE MOUNTAIN!" Look I'm pretty athletic but I was like an asthmatic child after 20 minutes of trying to get up that thing. Meanwhile Bruno kept on truckin' without a care. My friends and I were actually embarrassed.

We rightfully ate the biggest pizzas ever once we reached the top which was booming with beautiful villas and restaurants. There is of course a bus to get up there, but it's kind of rewarding to be like "I can eat this pizza because I deserve this pizza." I wish I could tell you what it was called, but it rained so hard that I couldn't even take a picture of it.
Getting to the Blue Grotto was by far the most fun. As it POURED, Bruno guided us through muddy paths, over boulders, and past beautiful homes. He helped us and held our hand whenever we needed it. The man is a legend.
So here we are, the Blue Grotto, in which you can see NOTHING. You know why? Because the waves were so high and powerful that we couldn't even go in. Instead we dangerously, and against Bruno's word stood at the fence letting the waves crash on us. It was the worst idea, and my friend Tyler almost got dragged in. Sorry Bruno!
Before getting back down the mountain we all shared some boxed wine. We were starting to be cold and miserable, shaking from the rain and the fact that we were just in bathing suits. It wasn't until the 70 year old Bruno throws some wine on the ground and said "this one's for my lost homies," that we absolutely lost it.
A great day was ended with some crepes and coffee, of course. Meredith and I had some major entertainment by the Italians at the café. They for whatever reason decided to crank up music and dance around like it was a club. We awkwardly joined in.
This is the Italian men pouring whipped cream in Meredith's mouth. She'd kill me if she saw this.
Although I didn't get all of the pictures of Capri that I dreamt about, or get to cliff dive into the Blue Grotto, I had the rare experience of adventuring Capri in a monsoon..equally as awesome.

**A special thanks to Euroadventures for making the best out of a crappy situation and for one of the most unforgettable trips of my life.

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