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10 Reasons to be Obsessed with Château de Beynac

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I might have to start CA pretty soon, castleholics anonymous. It's pretty impossible to see all of them in France but I'm really racking up my numbers. I have though, by far, found my absolute favorite castle yesterday. I couldn't even write the blog right after because I really needed time to calm my excitement, because I could write for days. HOWEVER---This is my first blog where I'll put more pictures than anything.


1. The Scenery  
The castle rests on the hill overlooking the beautiful Dordogne River.

2. The Medieval Village of Beynac
All of the homes have this rustic orange color. The soil in the region of Dordogne is bright red and orange due to the heavy iron. You'll see that all of the architecture in the area is so colorful, I love it.

3. ******The Owner - Madame Grosso******** (IMPORTANT)

She lives here, upstairs, in the entrance on the right. Her husband, Lucien, whom passed bought this chateau and has kept it almost as is. They did not want it to be purchased by the state, and turned into a circus (souvenir shops, restaurants, etc.). He wanted to keep it authentic, and give it the respect it deserves. They hope to keep it a private château forever. THIS is why I love it so much, for it's authenticity, which brings me to my next point..

4. The Reconstruction
The owner doesn't have money to reconstruct the château all at once (the receptionist explained this to us after just getting off the phone with her). BUT she does as much as she can, and you can see it. Even the rebuilding of this wall is a massive and expensive process. The money from the visitors is used for the upkeep.

5. The Authenticity
The rooms, as you can see look just like they would in the 12th century. Look at the swords in the table, and the weapons everywhere, it's really just full of history at every angle.
This is my favorite favorite room. It feels frozen in time. By the way, I once dreamt of men in shining armor but after seeing all of it, I didn't exactly picture the man to be 5"4...
The kitchen is impressive. Obviously at the time the giant knife wasn't bolted to the table but I mean come on the woman has to protect her property some how.

6. The MYSTERY!!
WHERE PEOPLE WHERE DOES THIS LEAD TO?! There were so many hidden passageways, locked doors, danger signs. I have never been so curious in my life.
This was in an apartment. WHERE DOES THAT LADDER GO??? Tell me now.
Curiosity killed Danielle.

** Note that the owner says once all of the reconstruction is done, all danger signs will be gone and the mystery will be solved! YAY.

7. The Interior Design
These lamps were everywhere. They were so 12th century cliché medieval kind of scary steel contraptions. Sorry I'm getting too carried away already.
A once gorgeous fireplace..now occupied by Mathieu.
I'm 5'5 so I know that I loved this, but Mat who is 6'3 not so much. French people are generally shorter so I'm still not sure where he came from. Anywho, if you're tall I recommend you duck.
8. The History (of course)
This is 12th century religious graffiti. I tried to only use my flash once, because it slowly kills the artwork but I reckon I'm not the first person to do so.
This room is filled with so much history from the regions flags, to the giant mural of jesus in the center, to the many war tapestries. Everything is slowly deteriorating with time.
There are weapons and armor EVERYWHERE. This is one of the best I felt. I can't help but wonder how many battles were fought in this gear and people were slain with the swords (kind of morbid I know). I wish we had a tour guide for much of this because I really would have loved to learn more.

9. The mere fact that you have a chance to buy this one day

Because it is not owned by the state. That little ant is me--the future owner of Château de Beynac.

10. You look like royalty just by standing at the doorway
"Welcome to my kingdom, you can all go home now." -Mathieu Rudelle, next hier to the throne.

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