Arlette Gruss Circus for the Non-Native Speaker

Saturday, January 18, 2014

So I've been testing my French lately. Mostly talking to random strangers, which I believe I've been warned not to do since I was oh, five? Either you guys are thinking one of two things: Danielle have you seen the movie Taken? or Talking to French people is the best way to learn! I'm going to learn. So my newest challenge: go to a French event. Kind of lame that I chose a circus, because you assume it's mostly visual, but I wanted an excuse to go :) 

Arlette Gruss is by far the most physically impressive traveling circus I've ever seen. They have 130 people working for them and they clearly have their set up down pat. The inside was magical, it smelled like a movie theater on steroids, everything was so clean, the zoo animals were gorgeous and well fed, and the costumes were beautiful. They had the absolute perfect circus atmosphere.

After all the hype, I was ready for the best show of my life. My face after the first half of the show was that of when Miley Cyrus performed with Robin Thicke: confused. The theme was 'histoire,' but there was nothing to do with history (I checked with Mat just to be sure I understood), nor did any act really coincide with each other. Especially this horse act which went on for a solid 20 minutes.
I've had an unknown obsession with wanting to do the flying trapeze since I was a kid. This was what I really went to the circus to see. Aside from this clip that I caught, every person fell during their catch. It was the same for the man who juggled and consistently dropped his balls..the entire thing was a bit of a hot mess if you ask me. I felt like it was mainly one big advertisement to attend their zoo after the show.
This was the one act we both loved though. A rocker chic and her partner doing acrobats on a bike, it was awesome. If I start training for this now I might be able to do it in 2060.

crossing our fingers that the next half will be better, and that the unbearable craving for popcorn stops.

SECOND HALF: Redemption
Good job Arlette Gruss you now have me on your side. I loved the second part of the show. It started right off the bat with lions. Five of them, including a white lion which I love. For some chubby cats they put on a great act, jumping over eachother, walking around on their hind legs, and following their master so well. Not to mention they were friggin adorable.
Acrobats on top of Elephants. Need I say more?
No really, it was so great to watch. I'm a former, now injured, gymnast and I'm dead serious when I say I would have loved to be in a circus. 
My absolute favorite favorite act of the night. This show was just gorgeous. They made everything look so easy and so elegant. They also did the entire act to A Kiss From a Rose. Seal can be a real tear jerker ya know?
These guys were nuts. Arlette Gruss' last act was eight Asian men and several hoops to jump in, out,  over, up, down, sideways, I don't even know honestly. The circus said we couldn't video, so here's me working the system. I could of watched an entire show of just them.

So it was a happy ending for the American girl. I understood 70% of the circus, Mat translated the other 30%, and they made up for the first hour and a half. English speakers won't have a problem at all. Arlette Gruss travels to different parts of France, so I still recommend on seeing it, because hey, we all have our off nights. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt just because I liked their lions so damn much. 

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