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You Won't Believe The Story Behind Cahors, France

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cahors is a medieval city in the Southwest of France, known for its beautiful vineyards and its "black" wine. But other than the average Wikipedia facts, what can be said about Cahors? Contrary to popular belief THIS is the home of Malbec wine. There is a reason, however, that it doesn't stand in the spotlight.
Cahors, France has been around since the 1300's. The ancient Romans have planted vines here, Pope John XXII was born here, the Tour de France has taken place here, there has been SO much history here over the centuries. It is truly a city that is booming with culture and beauty. Had it not been for the city of Bordeaux, we might be more knowledgable of Cahors. 
In the Middle Ages, this was one of the most popular regions for wine. Geography and lack of technology, however, kept Bordeaux at the forefront. In order for Cahors to transport wine to other countries, it had to stop at the port of Bordeaux, where they didn't allow the boats to come through. The only time Bordeaux allowed shipments was during the winter months, in which it was too cold to be at sea. Cahors had virtually no way around this for several hundred years.
La Villa Cahors Malbec
Thank god for technology, because now we can drink a proper Malbec from anywhere in the world! If you visit this clean, friendly city, stop in La Villa Cahors Malbec for a great tasting. Don't be surprised to walk out of there with black teeth though; these wines are far darker than any you've seen yet.  There are also 10,000 acres of vineyards, that are worth taking a drive through.
My favorite part about this town are the tiny arches leading to colorful, historic homes. If you've been to the Southwest, you'll know that much of the region is like this, but it never gets old or less beautiful. With Cahors, however, you'll find that the streets aren't crowded with tourists!

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