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5 Places to See in Beaumont-du-Périgord

Monday, August 25, 2014

All I have to say is WOW! Beaumont-du-Périgord is right out of a dream. It's an Anglo-Saxon's picture-perfect piece of France. I say picture because although you see France, all you hear is English! The Brits love the Dordogne for this exact reason--it is breathtaking.

It's a rather small village, so it is a great stop if your touring the area and want some quick, framing-worthy photos.

Here's what to see:

1. La Bastide
Don't be fooled by this photo, this area is generally packed with people (I just took it during the sieste!).    If you want to grab a nice cocktail/coffee and some dessert Le Bistrot is great. Mathieu and I went there  and the drinks weren't too expensive and the service was great. Plus it's gorgeous!
2. Prudence Parfumeur
This might be one of your best photo ops in Beaumont-du-Périgord. The quaint little perfume shop, Prudence Parfum, is easily the most elegant and beautifully decorated store I've seen in France so far. So buy a new fragrance and post up on that tiny chair with poise for your new Facebook profile picture.

3. La porte de Luziers 
This may not look like anything crazy, but its more than impressive. This door was once part of the defensive walls of the bastide. It dates all the way back to the 1272, when the town was first founded by Guyenne Lucas de Thaney.

4. Medieval Homes
You will be surprised to find out that most of this town is from the medieval era. Although many houses have been remodeled, much of their original structure remains. There are several homes in the village for sale due to the enormous upkeep. 
Those who do continue to live in Beaumont-du-Périgord however, take pride in their homes. The town is nearly spotless, and enchantedly decorated. I don't recommend you take as many photos during the sieste like I did, being that most of the residents are at the window eating lunch. Woops! 

5. Église Saint-Laurent-et-Saint-Front 
The biggest, most powerful building in the town. Being that Beaumont is a bastide, all streets run perpendicular (once surrounded by defensive walls), and the church acted as its fortress. It is HUGE, and the inside is truly something to see. The church itself dates back to the 13th century, however was remodeled in the 19th century. 

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