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Gruissan is a Crazy, Little Party Town

Monday, July 07, 2014

A small, old village, a ruined castle, and a little marina, nothing too exciting right? Wrong. Gruissan might be tiny, but it's most certainly mighty. It is the perfect summertime party spot. The population of Gruissan in the summer more than doubles and the restaurants, bars, and clubs are packed.

This town is important to me because it is so important to Mathieu. He grew up here, therefore I've gotten the 411 on where to go and what to do (sometimes a little too much). It's great to book a week vacay here and take-in the Mediterranean, but you need to experience the culture too!
Stop by la tour Barberousse, aka the castle/ruins atop the village. It's a photo stop so if you aren't experiencing great weather, wait this selfie out a bit. It dates all the way back to the 1000's, and was later abandoned and used for its stones to build the surrounding village. You are walking on history everywhere you go.
From festivals, to concerts, to tournaments, there is always something going on. I attended Fería, a 2-day insane celebration where there is nothing but musicians playing, and drinks flowing. It was easily one of the best times I've had in France, held on the 7th and 8th of June. Make sure to research if they have any events happening, you don't want to miss it!
Port de Gruissan
Once you enter into Gruissan Plage, you feel like you walked into an old fisherman's town; that's until you see the marina. They set up a beautiful, modern port to park all of the high-end yachts you can drool over. It runs right through the center of the town, surrounded by restaurants and plenty of bars (so careful not to fall in the water after you've downed a few).
My favorite favorite FAVORITE restaurant is by far La Croisette. It's the sea so you have to have seafood, and this place has the biggest, baddest bucket of mussels and fries I've ever had. You really can't go wrong with any of their dishes.
Cocktails here are running ramped. There's places everywhere for all you lushes, but you'll pay a decent amount for them at the port. L'Oasis has prices that aren't too bad and their drinks are really good; it's right at the port too.
As for clubs you would be surprised but they are packed. If you're with a family I don't suggest renting a place anywhere near Parc de Mateille, where all of the 'discotheques' are. However, if you're my age I highly suggest it. 
Staying here in general is fairly easy. There are plenty of hotels, little cottages, and a campground to go to. You can choose to be in the village, by the ocean, or near the ports, and either way you aren't far from anything. If you decide to be by the beach though, just remember it's all about being topless in France!

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