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The Colors and Catalonians in Collioure, France

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Collioure is by far the best mix of my 3 favorite things: wine, the beach, and Spanish food. It's a rather small town just on the cusp of France and Spain that is not only stunning, but also has so much culture and energy. I'm sincerely planning out my life just so I can reside in one of their colorful Mediterranean-front apartments. Please God let me win the lottery.

What is so great about Collioure is that although it is located in the South of France, it has a heavy Catalan culture. Having been occupied by both Spanish and French troops over history, much Spanish roots have remained. Thus you can find a great tapas place just about anywhere!
Within the small town is Château Royal de Collioure. It's not the most beautiful castle, but then again there are different strokes for different folks. It is said that the town has been around since the 600's, but the castle was not built by the Spanish until around 1200. Recently it has been used by the military to train the troops.
My absolute favorite part of the town is how colorful it is. You will never find a place like this in America. It's almost like all 3,000 inhabitants got together and decided to paint the rainbow all over Collioure. It is also a very very wealthy area; the higher up the mountain you go, the bigger the houses/mansions get.
The only problem I had with such a tourist spot was how small the beach is. The sand is 75% rocks so it isn't exactly enjoyable to lay on either. I imagine there are more private spots that the locals know about, however, France tends to prohibit this from happening.
There are tours and such that take place but being that the town is so small I recommend you steer clear of them. It's much better to wander around their tiny, winding streets as opposed to hopping on the mini tourist train that rides up and down the town. Plus a little exercise never hurt anyone eh?
If you are to buy anything in this area, I recommend wine. Collioure is in the Rousillon appellation of France its surrounded by vineyards. The red wine is awesome, but Collioure does indeed make rosé and white too so you won't go wrong no matter what you buy. It gives you a good excuse to crack open a bottle too. You're welcome.

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