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Dune du Pilat is The Biggest & Baddest Dune in Europe

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Even though I didn't hit the gym, I'm still considering today leg day. After climbing the 110 meter dune nearly twice, tomorrow is going to be a serious struggle. Dune du Pilat was the best and most fun workout I've had in a while, and with a killer view no less.

We really lucked out with the weather today, pushing a solid 55 degrees and sunny. It always makes for great pictures to have a bright blue sky so I was really happy. It was worth the hour and half drive to get out of Bordeaux and into nature a bit.
Dune du Pilat is the biggest dune in Europe at around 645 square feet. Not to mention its one of the biggest tourist spots in the Bordeaux area--way over a million per year. I'm glad after 5 months of living here I've finally gone to see it.
You get 30 minutes of free parking and in the dream world we would make it back in time, but in the 360 foot climb world it wasn't going to happen.
Once I hit the top I was overly impressed (and relieved that it was worth the armpit sweat). You have the greatest view of the Atlantic Ocean that you could ever ask for.
We sat and watched the paragliders for a half hour. I think the many of them completely failing was funnier than anything. They were like awkward birds flapping their wings and flailing their legs around. At the end of the day though...I recommend you come here and take lessons because how fun does that look?
This might sound really weird, and I've never been there in my life but it reminded me of the dessert in let's just say Egypt? Ignoring the fact there's a large ocean in front of you that is.
I thought I'd get really artsy today and catch some candids of Mat watching the paragliders. Everything just looked way too perfect not to.
On top of that I couldn't stop snapping photos of these guys. They made everything the cliché beach photo, regardless of their constant flailing legs.
Getting down the steep dune will be the highlight of your day. No matter how you go about it you will be just fine and sink into the sand. There were kids rolling down it like I use to roll down grass hills. Had I not been in a dress I would of joined. On an important note though: I am wearing leggings.
Mat joined in as well. We started  having a long-jump competition...as well as a photoshoot, again.
So if you're in the area of Bordeaux, or maybe will be one day down the road, you have to come here. Today was pure spontaneity (my favorite kind of traveling) and although it completely reassured me that I'm out of shape, I'd do it again.

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