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Valentine's Day in France is What You Make of it

Saturday, February 15, 2014

As much as I love traveling and restaurant-hunting, I had zero will to do it on Valentine's Day..especially Valentine's Day that falls on a Friday. So as I walked the supermarket of Auchan, my eyes caught the international aisle. It was then that I fell in love.

Mexican Night
Everything, I mean everything you need for a taco/fajita night was there. This is my all-time favorite food, and you can't find many Mexican restaurants in Bordeaux, France. God was just begging me to fill up the cart, and fill it up I did. Gracias Auchan, you made my día. 

So after about 70 euros worth of imported Mexican goods, we stumbled upon a mini keg of Desperados. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, it's similar to corona, but there's tequila in it as well as a hint of lime. I'm super fussy with my beer in Europe (there's just nothing like a cold miller) but this is one I'm a huge fan of.

A lightbulb went off in my head as we approached the check-out aisle with what looked like a fiesta for 20. Why don't we wait two days and cook this all together on Valentines day?! I got so excited. No mooshy-gooshy let's stare each other in the eyes over a candlelight dinner, no. Let's party and eat and go loco.

Here's how it turned out:
The Preperation
More cooking...
Frequent Intermissions

And finally.....the best part of it all:
My Valentine
Chicken, Tomato, Yellow Pepper Spicey Rice ( SO GOOD )
The Fajita Prep Table
The Final Masterpiece
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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