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Lacanau Beach, France is a Beautiful Disaster

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mother Nature is seriously disturbed right now. I'm not sure if she's going through menopause or what, but as we all know there's a polar vortex in the U.S. Now, I'm really sorry for those of you going through this, but France is really benefiting. Today, and all week for that matter, is 60 degrees :) So since I have no French class today, I went to the beach in Lacanau.
Clearly it wasn't all sunshine and bikinis but for the sake of my sanity, I needed to see the ocean. It's an easy 45 minute drive from Bordeaux (not that I'm the one driving). Just like my town of Wildwood, New Jersey, few people live there in the winter. There's not quite that tumbleweed rolling down the street, get me out of here kinda feeling though. Lacanau is so colorful that it just gives off a sense of happiness. It's such a cute area and it is absolutely packed with people in the summer.
Lacanau Beach Town Hall est. 1910
I consider this town a beautiful disaster for the graffiti everywhere. These are a few houses who managed to escape the artists. It's really unfortunate that most of the homes have been vandalized, but there's also other people who have embraced it. You'll see so many surfing murals and great artwork on some of the homes. I'm thinking by the many security cameras people have that it's most likely a huge problem. I'd buy a samurai sword, that's probably more effective.
All in all, I noticed there was not much graffiti near this. What's your first thought? Because mine was "WHY IS FREDDY KRUEGER ON THAT HOUSE?!" (Click on the photo for a better view) That's the best defense mechanism I have seen yet. If you want absolutely no one to come near your home at night, just have a statue of this guy on the top. Seriously. Someone please explain to me what this is because there were no signs.

The second disaster was on the beach. Even though it was by far the most gorgeous day I could of asked for, the coastline was wrecked. In the last few days the tide was so high and strong that it caused a lot of damage. Also, thousands of recyclables had washed ashore which made me so disappointed. In a few days I have no doubt the town will have it cleaned. Here you can see both--the broken walkways everywhere, and the scraps of trash. This staircase actually isn't even connecting to anything anymore.
Eventually Mat and I found a way back to the street, since well, we were kind of trapped. After 30 minutes of walking we figured there's no better place to get junk food than in a tourist town... So this guy cooked us up some crêpes. He looked so in the zone that I put all my faith in him, and he delivered. Merci.

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