People Watching in Bordeaux's Jardin Public

Sunday, January 12, 2014

So this weekend I decided to stay in Bordeaux and have some me time. By me time, I generally mean I wander around town on my own with my camera and people watch. Not going to lie I enjoy this quite a lot. Today was the best weather for people watching so I thought I'd head out to Jardin Public and stalk around a bit. No shame right?

américaine girl

I still can't get over that in the middle of January I'm able to be outside in fall clothing. Just look at the colors, you would never guess it's winter. I kind of blended in today with my oversized olive green jacket, light green pants, and brown boots. I must of subconsciously dressed myself for camouflage stalking. I just really enjoy taking pictures of people enjoying themselves. Some Bordelais like it, other's not so much, so naturally..I zoom.
américaine girl

As everything in this city, Jardin Public is unbelievably clean and beautiful. I give the mayor here an A+ because he seriously knows what he's doing. For whatever reason the French just know that if you stick a carousel in the middle of nothing, you have now created a picture perfect place. Not only this put there's a live puppet show for children, a giant playground, and a botanical museum/garden. It's seriously a mini paradise.
américaine girlaméricaine girl

I love this place because it is just so cliché France. There's music, couples making out in the grass, people picnicking, bicycles everywhere, and most importantly several old men in berets. This gets me every single time, the old guys in berets with their canes. All I need is a violin playing and one of them carrying a baguette and I could die happy. 

Being that miss au pair Kerri is usually at Jardin Public at 2pm I figured I'd go say hi. She  takes Salomé (yes that is her real name) here everyday for 2 hours and lets her go make friends. I seriously miss being a kid. Life is just carousels and rainbows, and walking up to complete strangers asking them to play is acceptable. I feel like everyone can be a kid here though, whether they're getting lost in a book or playing soccer with their children. I even saw an elderly woman just walking around taking pictures of the swans and the trees, it made me happy that she looked so happy.

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