My Search for American Breakfast in Bordeaux

Sunday, January 05, 2014

I'm a Jersey girl, and my late night booty call consists of a bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese at a diner. I worship the ground that diners were built on, along with 99% of the people from my state. So the day I can find a good breakfast joint, I'm a happy girl. After only two and a half weeks in Bordeaux the diner shakes set in, and me and my New Zealand friend Nicole were on the hunt.

I love French people, really, I do. But from a young age I was told that you need a balanced breakfast to prosper at school for 8 hours, to work a long shift, to be all that you can be. How often I wanted to be that athlete on the Wheaties box winning a gold medal because my cereal is caked in high-fructose corn syrup. The French though, what do they have for breakfast? Coffee. Maybe just maybe with a croissant or a piece of baguette smothered in butter. No French people, NO. Life without diners, without breakfast, is no life at all.
Not breakfast
So here we were, Nicole and I, 11pm vigorously searching the internet for any place that had some sort of Anglo-Saxon breakfast...and there it was: The Breakfast Club. That is only my favorite movie in the history of movies! It was meant to be. Luckily for us Americans, there are loads of English immigrants owning restaurants in France, thus having a place for us to bask in our breakfast happiness.
américaine girl
The Breakfast Club: Eggs benny with spinach
An English restaurant is not an American restaurant so do not get them confused. If you are hungover and are craving that bagel with egg and cheese or pancakes soaked in syrup, don't get excited just yet. Regardless, the English normally have eggs, potatoes, hashbrowns, and sausage. So let's not get overly greedy and just praise God that they have immigrated here for those who do not just want, but NEED their breakfast fix.
américaine girl
The Breakfast Club: A plethora of heavenly goodness
This particular restaurant is located in Bordeaux. The service was awesome! The owner is a French woman and she runs the place with her English boyfriend; he cooks, she serves. They're friendly, they talk with you, and the women even encouraged Nicole and I to speak French with her the next time we come (because at the time we could barely form a sentence). I give them credit for putting a really great french twist on breakfast, I'm sure this place is flooded with tourists in the summer. So anyway, here is me and Nicole in all our glory.
américaine girl
There is a God my friends. Amen people, amen.

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